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Towards a comprehensive, systematized and bilingual training colegio de formación integral Academic
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MUNDO NUEVO Educate Better for a Better Future
Colegio de Formación
Integral Mundo Nuevo
Recognizes the Bogotá, September 2020 Bogotá, For implementing with high quality the Competent Readers 2.0 program in virtual mode during 2020. THE SOCIAL FOUNDATION
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Our Statistics

Among the 10 Best private schools in Bogotá according to the Ministry of National Education

On average more than 4 university applications are accepted by each graduate student of the Colegio de Formacion Integral Mundo Nuevo

More than 10 extracurricular sports disciplines

90% of our teaching staff have a specializations and/or masters degree

In front of Timiza Park and Less than 20 Minutes from Downtown Bogotá, Colombia

Millions of pesos in scholarships awarded to CMN Model Students

More than 7 agreements with educational entities

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Colegio de Formación
Integral Mundo Nuevo
Reconoce al Bogotá, septiembre de 2020 Bogotá, Por implementar con alta calidad el programa Lectores Competentes 2.0 en modalidad virtual durante el año 2020. LA FUNDACIÓN SOCIAL
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