agosto 24, 2020


El Ministerio de Educación de Colombia sitúa al Colegio de Formación Integral Mundo Nuevo entre los 10 mejores Colegios Privados De Colombia. 
agosto 20, 2020


Highlights the opening of the Typing Room, Nursing Center, Oratory and Cafeteria Supply of didactic and technological elements such as opaque, acetate and film projectors that..Read More
agosto 20, 2020

1986 a 1988

Approval for Our School is obtained from the District Educational Secretary for teaching at all levels of Education.
agosto 20, 2020


The first edition of the school newspaper is published. It was handwritten, in black and white, and had the participation of students, teachers. It was edited..Read More
agosto 20, 2020


The Institution expands its facilities and is transferred to where the COLEGIO DE FORMACION INTEGRAL MUNDO NUEVO is currently located. Trv. 74 N° 40 i 51..Read More
agosto 20, 2020


The First Folkloric Festival is celebrated. It has the participation of all students, teachers and parents of our school.
agosto 20, 2020


With great pride and enthusiasm the graduation ceremony of the first class of high school graduates of the Colegio de Formacion Integral Mundo Nuevo is celebrated...Read More
agosto 20, 2020


Our student Lizly Ocampo receives an award for the creation of the first story based on Colombia’s History on behalf of the editorial home El Tiempo...Read More
agosto 20, 2020


The Department of Psychology is opened in the Educational Institution